A personal portfolio template, this template allows you to quickly and easily edit a static file to maintain your list of personal projects. Easily modify the images and stats on the homepage to make it your own. Comes bundled with a simple but elegant blue-hued theme.




Each template is hand-crafted by industry professions with decades of experience in interface design and frontend development. We take care to implement fully responsive layouts that adjust to fit any size screen, and write code that meets or exceeds all modern standards. Providing a simple to use and production-ready solution for your projects.

Created by Experts — each template is curated by members of Skeleton Labs, the creators of the Skeleton library.

Adaptive Themes — unlike traditional website templates, our templates are designed from the ground up with customization in mind. Use the unique theme bundled with each template, choose from a selection of preset themes, or generate your own in seconds.

Easy to Use — all templates are easy to use, creating the perfect foundation for your personal or professional projects.

Ready for Production — each template is maintained to keep in sync with the latest changes from Svelte/Kit, Tailwind, and Skeleton.

Easy to Deploy — use any of SvelteKit's adapters and deploy to a number of popular services, including: Vercel, Netlify, and more.

How to Install

Each template can be initiated as-is with default settings, or installed via the Skeleton's powerful CLI tool. The CLI allows you to easily configure all settings and install optional dependencies. We've provided full instruction at the link below.

Installation →